About Traditional Chinese Medicine

As a full medical system, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can treat anything.

Did you know Traditional Chinese Medicine is over 2,000 years old and a full medical system? Although rooted in tradition, Chinese medicine has had years to develop and grow. Haven’t tried it yet? This safe and natural medicine has had a short history here in the United States. Although practiced and handed down in some Chinese American house-holds, the 1970s was the beginning of acupuncture in mainstream America.  As a full system, TCM can treat anything. Acupuncturist are working hard to teach other healthcare professionals and the public about this safe and effective medical system. New Mexico and California have even licensed acupuncturists as primary care physicians. Acupuncturists are a great addition to your medical team. 

How does it work and what makes it different? TCM is a true holistic approach, finding the underlying cause to provide long lasting symptom relief. TCM evaluates systems and processes of the body (i.e. digestion, respiration, metabolism, etc.). These systems work together, but when one system becomes hyper or hypo functioning it can cause disease or disorder. Treatment is aimed at regulating these systems to correct and prevent illness.

At Mend Acupuncture and Natural Medicine, I provide healthcare that’s approachable, relaxing, and empowering. Each appointment includes an in-depth analysis, personalized treatment, and guidance on what you can do to better your health and wellness. Call me if you’d like more information.

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